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Godwin Formwork Solutions is the only source you will need for your concrete forming projects, shoring, and accessories. We have state-of-the-art custom concrete forming systems, as well as pre-made modulars. As the premier designer, manufacturer and contractor of concrete forming systems in our region, we also rent and sell our concrete forming. Our concrete forming systems are highly accurate, have a simple design, and integrate easily. We supply a full line of concrete wall forms, shoring materials and concrete form rentals and accessories.


We offer many types of concrete form solutions:
GFS Gang™ / Straight Wall Form
GFS Radius™ / Tank Forming
Handset Systems
Quick Clamping Modular
Crane Set Systems


GFS specialties are multi-story structures, sports stadiums, and wastewater treatment plants. We have worked with multi-million dollar companies, general contractors, and small contractors. There is no limit to what forming we can do for you and your construction project. If you need help with pre-assembly or tear-down of the concrete forms, we can help with that too. Godwin Formwork Solutions is your premier provider for all things relating to concrete forming.


Godwin Formwork Solutions is headquartered in Oklahoma City and serves Oklahoma, Northwest Arkansas, Texas Panhandle, and Southern Kansas. Contact us today to get started with your project.